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A successful escorts service is a combination of different factors and credibility is one of the important factor in that. Credibility is the only factor that attract the outside peoples to our Bangalore escort services. They are expecting an incredible service and they trust that I can give it to them without any restrictions. Last week a non-residential Indian contacted me for a high class Bangalore escort service but he is not fully credible about the services and he afraid that I will steel his valuables when he reached in my place.

I don’t know why these top class clients are thinking like this, but his thoughts are based on the experience of his friend. His friend lost his valuables when he went to have Bangalore escort service from a secret place in Bangalore. I simply asked him where he has seen the ad, as simple he got the contact from a free classified website. I have convinced him that I am not a girl like that and I have my own personal website for taking my services. etc. I have given my profile details that I have added in slide boom, we book, your listen, dewa list, meet up, bitly, care2, inform azione, wattpad, sourceforge, adultway, polyvore, bundlr, mixcloud, escorts-finder, ad-mart, ask-fm, github, brownbook, quora and mex.

I am sure that these details are enough to convince that I am a genuine independent Bangalore escort girl that offering secret adult entertainment services without any support from any Bangalore escort agencies. I promise my clients that you can trust me because I am not a person who is running after money. Bangalore escort service is part of my passion and part time entertainment. I have already did a blog post regarding the escort service providers who are posting their advertisements in free classified websites like Locanto, Back page, Viva street and Crags list. It not credible for those who need secured high class services in Bangalore.

Importance of relaxation

I feel that Bangalore had different types of faces. Bangalore is the IT hub of India, we can that within our first vision but a close look will give you a different faces of Bangalore. Entertainment will be the second largest business in Bangalore because after the job every one moving to the entertainment places in the city, movies, shopping places, malls and there lots of ways for the time pass or entertainment. Job pressure and other life stresses making every one to think about entertainment activities after their job. Everyone has his own way of entertainment to lose his pressure from the daily life.

Bangalore escorts has an important role among these entertainment activities. Erotic entertainment is the best way to reduce the metal pressure and other stresses that we are facing every day. Leading doctors are already suggested to do sex for best relaxation. That means taking Bangalore escort services is a scientific way of stress release. My Bangalore escort services will give you the happiness and satisfaction with lots of fun making activities. I am inviting you to my world of escort services to have the most enjoyable experience in Bangalore.

You are My Dream Girl

I would like to describe about one of my boyfriend, he is very much lovable, rich, handsome and belongs to a top class family in the society. As a regular client he is being connected with me for the last six months and he is calling me in every two days. I have asked him many time why he is like this to me? The answer is always simple for him. “you are my dream girl” and I don’t want to miss you in my life. It’s always shocking for me and I am know that he is mad on me.

The relationship is getting more strong in everyday but I am not comfortable with it because he knows that I am offering high profile independent escorts in Bangalore for all top class peoples. I told him that it is not good to have a long term relationship between us. I told him that you are in a world of illusion and try to come out of that. You can find any other dream girl for your life rather than me. I know very much that he loves my appearance and erotic activities.

I just need to disclose my clients that I like to have long term relationships but please don’t crazy on me because I am always searching for new relationships. I am inviting you to check some of my blog posts that I have created few days back. WordPress,, Blogs by sapopt, Over-blog, India and Primary blogger are helped me to do some of the latest blog posts regarding my services. I am sure that my blog posts will help you to keep connected with me and my feelings.

Exclusively for Top Class

I have already disclosed that my Bangalore escort services are exclusively offered to the top class clients only. Please don’t think that I am offering my escort service to the prosperous peoples to get more money. It is part of the quality because I believe that most of the top class peoples are following good manners and nice behavior which I am not expecting from the common clients who are used to have low class Bangalore escorts services. Simply I don’t want to be a public girl for escort services, I need quality and I need good relationships.

I believe that I will get the good and long term relationships with high class peoples only. And I am not expecting the same level of behavior, gifts and facilities from any other class peoples. I need to enjoy the luxury of my life in every second. There are lots of advantages by offering exclusive high class escort services. Top class peoples will arrange accommodation with five star facilities only and that will give me the safety and real feel of romantic. Hope you have enjoyed my blog post and understood why I became the real independent escorts in Bangalore offering services to the top class clients only.


I am always thinking about the innovative ways to improve the quality and satisfaction level of my clients. At last one of my friend told me that taking feedback information from the clients will help me to know my mistakes, disadvantages, week points and points to be improved. I also feel it will be a good idea to make a feedback form within my website.

Making each and every client happy and satisfied is a very tough task because the interests and tastes of clients are changing from person to person. But I guarantee that ninety per cent of the top class peoples who had my service is very much happy and became my regular clients. Now I am taking their opinions and feedback about my services to know what made them my regular client.

The feedback from the high class clients helping me to improve a lot. You know that I am a fresh girl in the land of top class Bangalore escorts services. And I hope the quality based escort services will make me the best and most leading companion girl in the coming days. I am going to launch the feedback form within my website for all the clients who had my independent Bangalore escorts services.

Internet wide world

How you can connect a Bangalore escort girl without the support of internet or search engines? Never or it will be very tough. Previously the clients need to connect taxi drivers, star hotel room boys and other local sources to get connected with a call girl or escort service girl. The important thing is that the girl who is coming for the service may be good or bad. No option to choose a good one. And the client don’t know whether the girl is cooperative for all the services. When we are thinking about the older times the escort services was a rare thing to get.

Now the total situation has been changed. We are in the world of internet and we could not live a second without it. This internet wise world made out dreams more colourful than before. When it comes to Bangalore escorts service the clients have lots of choices to choose the girls based on their requirement. If they need an independent escorts in Bangalore, they can search and find it though search engines and if they need to connect any escorts agency for more choices it’s also possible. Anyway, the applications and devices made our Bangalore escorts world with lots of facilities and choices.


When I started my career in fashion modelling in Mumbai my target was to become a top leading fashion model in India with lots of works. I have dreamed that I am working in a very busy schedule. But whenever I entered to the reality of Fashion modelling I understood that it is not simple to find my own position in the world of high end fashion modelling and advertisements. I was very gloomy after understanding this fact and I planned to leave the field and catch any other job. I have discussed the issues with one of my friend and she has given the idea to come to Bangalore for a bright future in fashion modelling.

She told me that Bangalore will give a fresh opportunity in my dream career and compared to Mumbai fashion world the competition level among the fashion models are low. And I was confident that I can find my own space in Bangalore to build a bright future in advertisements. My decision as correct as soon as I reach Bangalore I got my first client and I got a direct entry to the Bangalore fashion world. Later I took the decision to work as an independent Bangalore escort girl for finding time pass fun and deep relationships. Still the life is going on as my wish and dreams.

Regular Clients

What makes the big number of regular clients? Very simple when an escort girl service is perfect and she is delivering high profile independent escort services with real girlfriend experience, she will get more clients on a regular basis. In the primary vision these are the things which lead a client regularly to a Bangalore escort girl. But I think these things are not enough to get lots of regular and satisfied clients to have service with a high profile escorts in Bangalore.

As per my vision the term regular clients is a mix of more than ten factors. It starting from romantic communication and not end with the service, it continues with communication and other activities to keep connected each other. Money minded Bangalore escort service providers could not get regular clients because they need to make money by delivering cheap class service for higher rates.

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Why it’s expensive?

The question that I am hearing many times from the mouth of my clients. Why my services are very expensive than other common or regular Bangalore escorts. The answer is very simple, please don’t try to but gold in the price of silver. I am a well known or famous fashion model from Mumbai and working for leading multinational brands, then why you are expecting such cheap rate from me. If you are asking this question to me I am just understanding that you are not my level client and you are reached my personal website by mistake.

Let me tell you very frankly, I am not ready to give you common escorts in Bangalore. My escort services must be very expensive and luxurious for my clients that means I will serve only those who likes luxury based escort services in Bangalore. If you need the deluxe erotic service with a fashion model girl who is not ready to compromise with the quality of Bangalore escorts at any cost. Appointments are exclusively limited to the supreme class peoples who can afford high end Bangalore escorts services with a limited edition fashion model with very sexy figure and attractive assets.

My Boyfriends

Hi guys, Here I am trying to explain my vision about my clients or boyfriends. I have some expectations about the peoples who are connecting me for the services. First of all the client should be a well-off man to afford the level of my luxury based Bangalore escorts services. And he should know about the quality level of my escorts services. And I wish to know about the personal and secret requirements of those who need to connect me for their adult entertainment service. My way of approach towards the requirement of my clients will be professional.

As a genuine independent escort girl I am getting huge number of serve enquiries every day. You know very well that I could not meet them of serve each and every of them. So I am picking the best among those by using some advanced techniques and small tips. I am choosing business class peoples or high level peoples who can be a good boyfriend of mine for a long time. And I don’t which to be treated as a Bangalore escort girl. This write up is a simple tip about my vision towards those who calling me for high class Bangalore escorts service.