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Escorts Photography

Is there anything like that? You may ask this question, definitely. The escorts concept is born in the western countries in the last century. Our peoples adopted it as a money making way and the most important thing is we don’t have any professional girls like western or European escort services. They have escorts photography to attract the clients to their services. And there are lots of photographers specialized in escorts photography by studying and researching on the same. We don’t have such Bangalore escorts photography and photographers. In Bangalore most of the pictures are taken by the service providers only.

We can see most of the Bangalore escorts websites are filled with lots of pictures of sexy models. Most of these images are taken from other websites where we can see the photographs of leading sexy models. This is a simple technique to mislead the clients who are searching for high class escorts in Bangalore. My personal website is not for misleading any of my precious clients. I have added real pictures only. I am trying introduce a new escorts photography system for my Bangalore escorts services and I believe that it will be enough to make me the best and most luxurious Bangalore escort girl.

My Blog Posts

Blogs are not for the common peoples or website visitors. I meant blog for my high class clients who need my presence for top Bangalore escort services. My blog post are describing about my Bangalore escort experiences, my visions and concepts about my adult entertainment services. It will be helpful for my boyfriends to know more about me and my escorts services in Bangalore. I have taken this blog concept from the European escorts websites, they used to post about their services advantages every day.

I feel it is trend of showing the quality of my Bangalore escorts services. So simply I adopted it and started to writing about my services. I have asked my clients and boyfriends about my blog posts and write ups. They said it is very much helpful for them to know about me before meeting. And it is also helpful for them to know about the dos and don’ts while they are having Bangalore escorts with me. I am also happy to know that my blog posts are very much helpful to increase the popularity of my Bangalore escorts service. I will keep writing about my experiences and concepts in the comings days al

The Entry

I think it is must to disclose some details about my entry to the world of Bangalore escorts. I thought it was very easy to become a high profile Bangalore escort girl in the city. But it is very tough as well as time consuming thing. As soon as I joined in an advertisement company I planned to offer my services online by posting ads in free classified websites like locanto, craigslist and other leading websites. Actually it was a wrong decision because these websites are exclusively for low class cheap Bangalore escort providers. I got lots of calls but none of them need genuine and high profile Bangalore escorts, they just need low class erotic services with call girls.

I was totally confused and don’t know what to do to become a real deluxe escorts in Bangalore. I have contacted some agents who can give services to me. But it was not useful for me because they will be taking half of the amount that I will get through my Bangalore escort services. I was fully ready to avoid my dream to enjoy my life with handsome guys. At last I found an online advertisement showing web designing and search engine optimization in cheap rate. That made a change in my status. Now this website giving me top class clients for my Bangalore escort services.

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Adult warning

I am planning to add adult warning in the index page of this Bangalore escorts website. While opening it will show a small window which has two options like I am 18 years and let me in and another option I am under 18 I would like to exit from this website. This adult warning is using most of the similar websites in west side but in India nobody showing interest to show such adult content warning. This is truly against the low. Showing adult content on the websites is not an issue but if we add an alert on that it will be good for the minor users to exit from the website as soon as they reach there.

I have collected some templates of adult warning to add in my website but all of them are not good. I need to choose the best one based on the studies. I have seen lots of websites that offering Bangalore escorts services but none of them has added the adult warning alert in their websites. I hope that after adding in my personal escorts websites some of them will be ready to add the same in their website in future. I am planning to add it within one week and will be visible in the index page while opening my Bangalore escorts website.

Bangalore, the International City

Bangalore is one of the fastest growing cities in India. Information technology and the other related factors created the better opportunity for Bangalore to become the international city. As the foremost Bangalore escort girl I have chosen Bangalore as my home town for my future growth. I am a north Indian girl reached in the garden city to find the best opportunity to grow in my life. I found fashion and modelling will be the best to find the money for my future. Now I am finding some free time to enjoy fun with Bangalore escorts service.

Compared to other metropolitan cities in India Bangalore is very clean and the income of the peoples are higher. They can afford any level of gift amount that asked by me. My friends who are working for well known advertisement companies all around India is asking the secret of my source of Income. I feel Bangalore is the most growing financially than any other cities in India. I would like to be here for long time as the pioneers in Bangalore escorts services.

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Need to be more secured

I am writing this blog post regarding a worst experience that taken me to a new decision. You know very well that as a genuine independent Bangalore escorts I prefer to alone to the places of clients. Most of the clients are really lovable and behaving very nicely with me. And this approach makes me more comfortable with the clients. Every time I was afraid of bad clients who will behave very rudely with me. Unfortunately or fortunately it happened in the last week and it made me to think about a person with me who can protect me from such bad peoples who makes the situation very bad.

I am going to hire a guy who can support me in my services and protect me from all kinds of external issues including the bad behaviour of clients. Who must be educated and supportable in any kinds of situations. I don’t want to go alone to the places of clients anymore. And I have to convince them that I am protected and it is not at all good to misbehave with this Bangalore escorts girl. I don’t want to explain what happened with me last week but I think the way of my describing will help my blog readers to understand about it.

Luxury to the max

Hello my dear blog reader, welcome to another escorts blog post done by the upcoming Bangalore escorts girl. Here I would like to explain about the quality of my service and level of remuneration I am taking for the service. My clients love luxury in each and every bit of their life. I feel that they need quality based products and services only. And they are not interested in cheap or low quality services. Most of them has searched for long time for high class independent Bangalore escorts service but they not found cute girls like me.

Whenever they find my picture or service details they need to fix my Bangalore escorts service for them. They said they can feel the quality of service within my body language and presence. My communication ability is the next factor that made me the luxurious escorts in Bangalore. My boyfriends are very much happy to have a cup of coffee with me to hear my sweet talk. I am very much fluent in English and this ability attracting foreign clients to have my services. Anyway my total performance is keeping me as the most wanted Bangalore escorts girl in the city.

Why I choose Bangalore?

I came to Bangalore exact 1 week back. I have lots of planning behind the arrival in Bangalore city. My friends asked my why you have choose Bangalore as your destination for your future growth. I was expecting this question from my friends because they know about me. As a Mumbai girl there is no need to relocate to Bangalore and everyone knows that we will get everything in Mumbai city and there no need to come to south India for that. So my friends expecting something from my decision to make Bangalore as my future destination.

Bangalore is extremely different from all the other metro cities in India and I think that I can find a good career in fashion as well as in IT from this garden city. And I have heard that the peoples of Bangalore are lovable than any other place in India. After all the city is very nice and really clean to lead a good life. As I said I have some hidden agendas by making Bangalore as the destination for my future activities. Offering Bangalore escorts is only a way for entertainment and after earning some money I have lots of plans here. Any way thank for reading my article and I hope that you will connect me for your future entertainment services.

Social Media

Just need to think the role of social media in Bangalore escorts service. As we are living in the modern world of internet technology we could not avoid the use of social media sites like face book, twitter, Google plus and other upcoming social media portals. We believe that the modern marketing is supported with social media sites in other words without social media optimization marketing or branding is not completed. Social media marketing has unlimited opportunity in online marketing and it is more popular and reliable than email marketing. All the emails won’t reach the targeted person but social media postings and information will reach every targeted person with a very affordable cost.

We are utilizing the power of social media to circulate our advantages and specialties of companion services as a leading Bangalore escorts agency. We have lots of fans and followers for our face book, twitter, Google plus, LinkedIn and other social media accounts. We are using our social media presence to announce the new arrival of fresh escort executives, special offers and latest packages. Compared to the old times we can catch a large number of clients very easily with the support of social media marketing and optimization. We are sure that nobody can catch their targeted visitors without the support of social media websites. Thank you for reading the article posted by the future brain of Bangalore escorts.